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Shane Sixx

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Shane Sixx

Post  Shane on Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:37 pm

-Basic Info& Appearance-

Name:Shane Sixx
Personality:He is out going loud and pretty much the leader type.He uses violence to solve most of his problems,he has a pretty hot temper not gonna lie.He will do anything to help his friends.He can be rude crude and extremely sarcastic at all points of the day with people he can't honestly stand.He is very studious and respectful in class.But sadly everyone likes to stereotype him as a bad kid,which he can't stand.

Best Class:Music
Student #:1061994



Biography:Shane was born in raised in what could be called the Slums or the hood to some.
They had the biggest house in the neighborhood,not in the best shape but it suited them.He was the Second oldest of the children.He is the tallest of the children,and more muscular then most.He spends most of his days smoking or reading.Mostly always in the music room.He had a passion for singing and guitar since he was young.He started playing soccer in freshman year of high school.He is passing most of his classes,not doing to well in math thought sadly.He is someone you would hate to fight,he has a hot temper,and is crazy fast with decking people.

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