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Oliver Sixx

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Oliver Sixx

Post  Oliver on Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:13 pm

-Basic Info& Appearance-

Name: Oliver Sixx
Personality:Oliver is a bit secluded, he enjoys going to parties and such and meeting new people. Hes a big pothead and always carries some with him and a lighter. He likes singing or screaming in bands. He's into any girl that's decent looking and usually makes some type of move on them when he feels like it. He skips classes often to go do whatever he feels like, he honestly does not care if hes going anywhere with his life or not at this point, he can be a little suicidal sometimes when he gets stressed out.

-Student ID-

Best Class:Music
Student #:4528373
Activities: None



Biography: Oliver was born and raised in the ghetto part of town, he has a large family and a pretty big house though its one of the worst looking houses in the neighborhood. Oliver has always been a more quiet kid then the rest of them, and he has always been the smallest of the kids around him, he has been as skinny as a twig and is usually made fun of because of it. He got into alot of fights growing up, usually over little things that pissed him off. He raised himself practically as his parents are rarely home and when they are home they never did anything helpful, he helped his younger siblings with they're work sometimes when he felt up to steam. He's on the verge of failing as he never helps himself and looks out for others most of the time.


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