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Keefe Cromwell

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Keefe Cromwell

Post  Noble Keefe on Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:48 am

-Basic Info& Appearance-

Name: Keefe Cromwell
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Personality: Kind, Gentle, Noble, Polite. He's distant as he reads but earnest as he approaches others. Far mature than most guys, he can be looked as being a adult even though he is a young adult. Confident about what he believes in, he likes to speak infront of others and other times he loves to watch the rain fall. Keefe Cromwell, is a easy going character which is also mysterious. With others he seems to be relaxed no matter who they are or what they have done in the past. Judging isn't his thing which seems help him out in some tight situations. Loving to almost anyone, he will stand up for others if they can't fight. Some what of a gentleman, Keefe Cromwell sees the good in people and wants to always see the good in them. Optimistic, Goofy, Sociable, Energetic, and Loyal. He can and will speak his mind

Being a bookworm at times and other times being blunt. Keefe Cromwell can be looked to if anyone needed help with anything. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. In all truth he is good to be around. There are times however, that he will stand up for himself and he hardly ever backs down from mean people if they push his buttoms and cross the line. Seemingly being looked down upon and underestimated, he tries to do everything just once. More about Keefe Cromwell is that he is just a guy that takes it easy on life, but on his bad days he will let people know it by simply telling them for he doesn't want to make people sad. In all truth, you have to spend time with him to see all the good traits.

Keefe Cromwell's height is 6'3 and he weighs 175 pounds. His clothes are british styled with frills and is made of fair fabric similar to silk. His hair is silky and smooth which proves it to be healthy, his eyes are pure and show all of his emotions as well as wearing a monocole over his right eye. Skin being fair, he can be looked at as a girl as he wears such girly like bows and girly like boots. That was only cause back in his home, which was Britian didn't have much clothing that were different. On some days though he will willingly wear different clothing like everyone wears. He's not picky and tends to stay that way for his parents are fairly rich but he doesn't care about that. All he wants to do is live his life well with any kind of clothing on his back.

-Student ID-

Year: Senior
Best Class: Math
Student #: 7655021
Activities: Baseball, Playing Chess, Badmintion, Jogging smiliar to Track, and Hiking.

Keefe Cromwell's room is sort of like any dorm , but it contains a laptop for him to do his homework on. The bed is soft, as well as the pillows which are both dark blue and pure white sheets. There is a small bathroom also in his room which he uses to fix himself up in the mornings. It also includes a small closet for his clothes, and boots etc. A small DVD player which also plays CD's for when he studies he may listen to music and on breaks such as the weekeneds (Or whenever) he may watch so movies from which he brought from home.

His walls of his dorm are a royal color blue with dimly lighted blue lights on the ceiling which gives off a relaxing color within the room. This is when he is on the computer when he will use the lights. There normal lights of which he will use when he reads or studies. Everything about his room is pretty normal and is all the same color as the walls and bed. His floor however, is a snow white colored rug of which makes anyone feel comfortable.


Keefe Cromwell was born and raised in Britian with his mother and father which were rich due to a lot of company working and then owning. Almost through his whole life he went to schools in Britian which really didn't fit him much. Getting tired of his schools in Britian, he wanted to enroll in a different school and seeing that his family was rich gave him permission to go to another school. Approaching here, he enrolled and is now hoping it is better than his school's back home. Keefe Cromwell has a bit of a accent which is British and he fairly does well in most of his classes due to the fact he loves to learn and discover new things. He still stays in touch with his parents but only by mail.
Noble Keefe

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Re: Keefe Cromwell

Post  Ria on Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:12 pm

The admins never come on the site, though id think that with all the detail you have theyd accept it, so id say go ahead and start posting lol

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