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Vie Loveless

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Vie Loveless

Post  Vie Loveless on Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:23 pm

-Basic Info& Appearance-

Name: Vie Loveless
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: adult-like, but sometimes childish. She's her own person, and doesn't like listening to others when ordered around.
Vie has snake bites as piercings and has a cresent moon mark on her neck (on the left side. She shaped her nails to look like claws, and she usually wears eye-liner that makes her look EMO. She also is very tall for her age (about 5'7''). She always wears a hoodie with Neko ears sewn ontop, and wears a four-inch (in length) earring on her right ear.

-Student ID-

Best Class: World History and Art
Student #: 1234001
Activities: Art Group and Singing Group



Biography: Vie's actual name is Valentine Ve Loveless. She was born into a higher-class family, along with her twin. Since she got into allot of trouble in her boarding school, her parents sent her to Alerion Highschool. She and her sister became totally seperated, due to their parents not wanting her twin to end up like her. So, she's making a new start as Vie.

Vie Loveless

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