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Zakkary Sixx ~ WiP

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Zakkary Sixx ~ WiP

Post  |-zαккαяу-| on Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:29 am

-Basic Info& Appearance-

[Put Picture Here- Along with ALL Details of the persons body]

-Student ID-

Best Class:
Student #:(Can be Any random 7 Numbers)
Activities:(Football,Chess,Soccer,Swim Team etc)

Dorm:(Include whats in it.)


Biography: Zakk was born in raised in what could be called the Slums or the hood to some.
They had the biggest house in the neighborhood,not in the best shape but it suited them. He was the third oldest brother, and since his parents were never home, every sibling did it's work into helping the others. He nevah ate much, and was skinny, not as much as his other sibling Oliver tho'. He grew up without many friends, just his siblings and maybe some other person's. He never cared much about friends, and always liked to be alone in school or in the hood. He went to school, where he became a pro at music, and entered the soccer club with his brother ~

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